Our exclusive horse-riding route, designed especially for our guests, takes in the beautiful natural environment of the Sierra Helada under the supervision of our highly trained professionals. It lasts approximately 3 hours.

With over 50 impeccably behaved horses, our centre also ensures our guests’ safety and enjoyment with high quality safety gear and procedures.

You’ll learn all you need about horses and their care. Our team of guides will show you how to interact and form a real bond with them.

As with the other GM5 activities, no prior experience is needed. In addition, we also have horses for Level 1 and 2 riders.

Horse-riding with GM5 will immerse you in the natural surroundings whilst bringing you all the physical benefits of this sport which is great for relaxation, posture and concentration.

To bring:
Comfortable clothing and shoes: either specific riding gear or sports leggings, tracksuit bottoms and trainers. We recommend a hat, sunglasses and sun protection. You may take a small rucksack.