Turismo deportivo

Playing sports or exercising is essential to keep a healthy balance between body and mind. However, during the summer holidays it is common to quit this habit, especially if we travel to another country. We tend to concentrate on visiting the sites or enjoying a well deserved rest by the beach or the swimming pool, so it is quite normal to think that there is simply no time for sports. There is; however, an alternative that can combine relaxation and rest with outdoor fun-packed activities. Sport tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the Mediterranean countries and especially in Spain.

But what exactly is “sport tourism”? Sport tourism is the type of holidays where sports play the centre role; either because tourists travel to attend a sports event or because they are taking part in sport activities themselves. The last one is also referred to as “active tourism” and could be the best choice if you enjoy having new experiences or staying active during your holidays.

Sport Tourism

Active holidays are becoming very fashionable. That is why lots of tourist destinations are promoting multi-activity packages. It is, after all, a fantastic way of taking full advantage of your holiday time: Who wouldn’t like an adventurous horse riding morning whilst keeping the afternoon free to wander around shops, tapas bars or the marvellous Mediterranean beaches?

Benidorm is one of the biggest tourist resorts of Spain and the Mediterranean and it also has a lot to offer in terms of sport activities Kayaking, scuba diving, golf, cycling or horse riding are only a few of the options available in the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca and its beautiful natural surroundings.